Remote Control Spotlights


DR7 Recessed Trimless Fixture

As a Lighting Designer the remote control spotlights by Remote Control Lighting (RCL) are more fun than the remote control Monster Trucks I still enjoy. Besides the cool, fun aspect of controlling your lighting remotely, there are some very practical benefits to this product that the entire design team will enjoy. If focusing fixtures on a high ceiling, then maintaining the focused aiming angle is important to your lighting design then RCL has recessed adjustable and track mounted solutions for you..

The ease of using the RCL fixtures eliminates the time consuming positioning and repositioning of scaffolding or mechanical lifts to aim hard to access lighting fixtures. All the aiming of the RCL fixtures is done from the ground using a hand held remote and your iPad.


Professional Controller

I can recall a few lighting installations where we would send someone up the lift, aim several fixtures, then reposition the lift to another area. Moving the lift around a sanctuary or museum is never an easy task. The downside to using the lift is that we usually only have the one opportunity to aim a group of fixtures, then we are on to the next group. The reality of the lift cost and asking a contractor to move the lift back to the area we completed previously so we can fine tune our overall aiming is a huge order that is rarely placed. With the use of the RCL fixtures the time spent adjusting is reduced, less waiting on lift placement, and the ability to go back to a fixture or a group of fixtures to fine tune the aiming is always there. The pressure put on the architect and client to sign off on the aiming before the lift comes down is not as critical.

The other important benefit to these fixtures is the replacement of a “mechanical lockable aiming” with an “electronic lockable aiming”. More reality is that the guy on the lift does a great job tightening the lock screws on our fixture to preserve our final aiming selection on each “never to be aimed again” fixture. Years later, when the electrician, who has the delicate hands of a Gorilla, goes up to relamp our design, chances are good the pan and tilt will never be the same as the lockable screws are tested for shear strength. It’s true. The aiming recall on the RCL fixtures makes sure that the fixture is always repositioning itself to the previously aimed position. After the delicate hands of the electrician are finished replacing the lamps, the fixture without any prompting redirects itself back to the aimed position. A maintained lighting design is very cool thing.


iDirect Controller

To appreciate the ease of the aiming of the RCL fixtures, even before you specify them on a project, I encourage you to download the free iPad app on iTunes called iDirect. The iDirect program has a very intuitive way to bring the RCL fixture in to start adjusting. With the use of the Light Plans feature you can locate the spotlights on your light plan on the iPad for easier recall and adjusting. The Gesture Pad gives the Lighting Designer the ability to control the Pan and Tilt of the fixture, or a group of fixtures with ease. Through the use of DMX the iDirect program will also control the dimming and scene control. All of the RCL fixtures can be dimmed individually via the remote and iDirect.

For more information on the company and all the various fixtures/lamp options you can check out their website at

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