Seriously, yet another Blog?

Back in 1996, way before we had the buzz word “social networking” CharterSills had a monthly Fax newsletter called “The Edison”. We had this cool software that would auto-dial all the fax numbers of our contacts and send them this one page newsletter that covered 5 short topics like lighting applications, lamps, or cutting edge technology. “The Edison” was a bridge between our clients and potential clients to open a dialogue about architectural lighting design.

The downside to “The Edison” was the communication to the client was outbound and one way, and did not provide an easy way for the client to interact with us. The follow up question from the client was the exception for those that took the time to call us on the land-line.

In keeping with the times, CharterSills has decided to embrace the Blog because we see this as an excellent way to deliver to our clients and potential clients the real time interaction that makes design fun. With that in mind, we have woven, and connected together with this new Blog our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. We want the CharterSills “social networking” to open the door between our lighting designers, and the architects and clients that plan and build our world.

We invite you to post a comment, suggest a lighting topic, ask a project related question, and in turn we will do our best to give you the answer that satisfies your creative quest for a stronger lighting solution.

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